As a freelance documentary cinematographer, I split my time between Africa and Spain. I cover news and features, work for NGOs and also train journalists and technicians in Africa.


After having worked extensively in Europe, the Americas and Africa, I made my fifth engagement in Ethiopia in December 2010 a permanent one. I worked six months with an audiovisual production company as cinematographer, photographer and video editor, as well conducting training for employees of the company, and then established myself as a freelancer and audiovisual consultant.

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Since I cover news and features, work for NGOs and other various organizations, I have accumulated an extensive portfolio of my works.


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My range of Services include the following :


Full Audiovisual Coverage for Any Kind of Occasion.


Direction of Photography and Camera for Documentaries, Features, Advertisement, News and Events.


Social, Documentary, Street or Experimental Photography.


Editing, Post- Production and

Color Correction.

I have collaborated with several companies and institutions, including private, governmental, and non-governmental organizations, such as the Ethiopian Film Initiative, GIZ, Handicap International, Institute for Peace and Security Studies, Project-ESogecable EspaƱa, Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development and UNWOMEN.


Combining my professional background and the support to capacity development and the development of the audiovisual field in Ethiopia fits well my interest in social and developmental issues. Starting from a young age, I participated in social youth organizations, worked as a volunteer or pro bono with various projects with marginalized groups or those lacking resources, including numerous collaboration projects for and with both European and African civil society organizations.